2022 Tournament Schedule

Fall Classic

San Marcos River Ranch; San Marcos, TX September 3rd-4th

Hosted by the University of Texas

Bayou Classic

Bayou Desiard; Monroe, LA September 17th-18th

Hosted by the University of Louisiana-Monroe

SCR Regionals

Lakes of Katy; Katy, TX October 1st-2nd

Hosted by Texas State University

NCWSA Nationals

San Marcos River Ranch; Martindale, TX October 13th-15th

Hosted by Texas State University, Texas A&M, and the SCR

Collegiate Summer Weekends

May 14 Lakes of Katy - Hosted by the Kelm's

May 28 Stevenson Ski Ranch - Hosted by Austin Kolodejcak

June 18 Bent Creek - Hosted by the Butterfield's

June 25 Aquaplex - Hosted by the Hamilton's

Other AWSA tournaments -

June 11 - Gordon Hall Tournament @SMRR

July 2 - Paul Risch Tournament

We want to encourage those who don't have a lake to go home to during the summer to stay involved with the sport over the break! This is for EVERYONE, even those who do live on a lake.

We will be camping onsite, skiing till arms fall off, eating good food, and having a good time. We will have experienced coaches to help you run the course the first time, land your first jump, and teach you how to get tricky!

We will be asking a small fee to help pay for boat gas/food, likely around $30-$40 a person. Everyone will also need to be an active AWSA member. The hosting lake site is donating their lake time to you and your teammates. Get involved, stay involved!

-Austin Kolodejcak

Polar Bear

Stevenson Ski Ranch; Conroe, Texas April 1st-3rd, 2022

Hosted by Texas A&M

Fleur de Ski

Airport Lake; Lafayette, Louisiana April 8th-10th, 2022

Hosted by the University of Louisiana - Lafayette

NCWSA All-Stars

Skyview Lake; Harmony, North Carolina May 20th-21st, 2022

Hosted by University of North Carolina and Clemson University