What is All Stars?

All Stars is a national tournament held annually at the end of each Spring semester. For this tournament, instead of representing your team, you are representing SCR as you compete against the other three regions within the NCWSA. Regional teams are made up of the top 10 skiers for each event within the SCR. Other regions include the South Atlantic & Coastal (SAC), West Coast (WCWSA), and the Midwest (MCWSA).

Individual Requirements

  • Must submit letter of intent declaring what events you intend to participate in to region chair by the Tuesday preceding the competition

  • Must have skied at least two regional tournaments prior to application for All Stars

  • Must qualify based off of tournament scores

Deciding a team

  • The South Central team will be made up of the top 10 skiers in each event

  • If there are spots to fill, they will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis

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Past All-Stars Gallery

Women's Team

  • Annemarie Wroblewski (ULL) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Brittany Panneton (TAM) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Fallon Sheffield (TEX) - Slalom, Trick

  • Lily Meade (ULL) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Molly George (TEX) - Slalom, Trick

  • Kara Rosenthal (TAM) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Kate Rooney (TEX) - Trick, Jump

  • Peyton Barry (TXST) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Sami Hess (TAM) - Trick, Jump

  • Taylor Royal (TXST) - Slalom, Trick

  • Violeta Mociulsky (ULL) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Zoe Karageorge (TEX) - Slalom, Jump

2022 NCWSA All-Stars

Skyview Lake; Harmony, NC

May 20-22, 2022

Hosts: Skyview, SAC, Clemson University, University of North Carolina

Men's Team

  • Arron Davies (ULL) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Cameron Mitchell (TAM) - Slalom

  • Carter Hooten (TEX) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Carter Perez (TAM) - Trick

  • David Martin (TAM) - Slalom, Jump

  • Ethan McKinnon (ULL) - Jump

  • Garrett Stallings (ULM) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Grayson Driggs (TEX) - Jump

  • Joe Gage (BAY) - Slalom

  • Konstantinos Arcadis (TEX) - Slalom, Trick

  • Luke Outram (ULL) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Matthew Leach (TXST) - Slalom, Trick, Jump

  • Tayler Sundermann (TAM) - Trick, Jump

  • Tristan Morgan (TEX) - Trick

  • Vince Tavarez (TEX) - Slalom

2021 NCWSA All-Stars

Laku Landing; Windsor, CO

May 19-21, 2021

Hosts: Purdue University & Western Washington University

2021 SCR All Stars Team

  • Hannah Cook (TAM)

  • Cassandra Keating (TEX)

  • Duncan Morgan (TEX)

  • Ryan Rose (TEX)

  • Fallon Sheffield (TEX)

  • Vince Tavarez (TEX)

  • Dylan Wickersheim (TAM)

Details on

2021 NCWSA All Stars Recap

As seen in The Water Skier Magazine Summer Edition, Volume 71, Number 2